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Coastal Vase Centerpieces

Vases are the cornerstone of smart tabletop design. In order to balance space and create a meaningful focal point, a pretty glass vessel does wonders. In your summer beach home, this versatile accessory is also a wonderful decorative option that'll last for many years to come. For a beautiful, durable centerpiece that draws attention to your thoughtful maritime style, browse the elaborate offerings in the Coastal Vases collection. From stunning blues, greens, purples, and reds to ornate transparent glass and beyond, our premier selection is sure to have the perfect piece to take your dining room table from drab to fab. Shore shoppers will find vases both big and small, but always artfully handcrafted. For a pretty addition to an unused corner, a tall floor vase looks simply divine. Or, say your bookcase, coffee table, or end table is lacking that certain something. A breathtaking ceramic vase with a detailed pattern and smooth edges adds instant sophistication. Many of these seaside treasures also accommodate other embellishments such as flowers, reeds, candles, and more. From the guest bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and dining room to your fully furnished outdoor patio, coastal vases are a universal decorating solution.

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Always wondering how you might inspire elegance in your decades-old coastal cottage? If you’re still waiting to do those major upgrades, there’s no reason why your place can’t exude poise and polish—and it’s all about the accessories. Pick up a few beach vases, and you’ll see the difference. Picture this. Your living room or den features a majestic fireplace that goes mostly unused (due to the hot summer weather, naturally). On either end of the mantle, you place two bold blue vases for a chic display. Then, over in the corner behind the chair, an empty space features a matching green vase with similar silhouette. Over in the adjoined dining space, you set your table for a grand Sunday feast with the family. Amidst the plates, silverware, and linens, you place a small aquatic-inspired textured vase in blue, silver and green. This cohesive vision conjures images of a designer catalog. But remember, it’s all easily attainable—with the Coastal Vases collection.



Grey Textured Ceramic Canisters With Pyramid Tops Set of 3
The representative at Beach Decor Shop responded quickly to my inquiries. The canisters are show stoppers - extremely impressive. I searched the web for the best price. This was it. However, I read in an answer to a question on another website that the canisters were food-safe. However, each canister had a sticker on the bottom that said not food-safe. Packing of the canisters was extremely well-done. It took 45 minutes to carefully unpack and then remove all of the cardboard and styrofoam popcorn. I will be keeping them because I love them and it would be too time consuming to pack them up. However, I ordered other canisters to store food in. I'm storing dish towels and plastic grocery bags in them,so it does free up drawer space.
Barbara Bruer
Mar 22, 2019

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