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Rolf Glass Brings New Meaning to Coastal Chic

December 19th, 2016 by JustinR

When is the last time you added to your beach home’s dinnerware and drinkware collections? The fact is, we often get swept up in the relaxation of summer, neglecting to bring the “finer things” into our summer homes. Remember that there’s nothing that exudes class, sophistication, and style more than a quality set of wine glasses. Of course, if you live on the beach, bay, lake, or simply love island décor, you’ll find gorgeous etched coastal wine glasses featuring your favorite maritime symbols and designs. If you’d like a little glassware inspiration, read on for some unique ideas for outfitting your beach abode with lovely stemware from Rolf Glass.

What kinds of glasses will I find in the Rolf collection?

These days, wine drinkers have stretched the limits of what constitutes a “good” wine glass. While we’re used to the typical stemmed vessels for red and white wine, there are also tons of stemless versions as well as other styles that integrate coastal flair. Rolf Glass offers premier stemmed white wine goblets, balloon shaped wine glasses, and amazingly practical stemless tumblers for you to choose from. If wine isn’t your favorite spirit, rest easy knowing you’ll also find top-quality martini glasses, champagne flutes, whiskey glasses, and other classic barware featuring your favorite beach themed etchings.

What coastal themes does the Rolf collection offer?

The best aspect of this most trusted brand is that you always receive consistency and durability despite the various symbols that they offer. For instance, you’ll shop plenty of sea creature etchings, like a set of sea turtle wine glasses, starfish cooler glasses, whale wine glasses, and beyond. Since they specialize in beach-themed glassware, Rolf brings you every beloved coastal critter you can imagine. While some glasses feature one prominent etching, others display an allover pattern, so it’s great to choose the style you like best. No matter your fancy, the brand’s classic transparent glass design assures total class for any formal dining room setup. If you love all of their charming patterns, pick up a mixed etched wine glass set with various seashore imagery.

What if I’m not sure what kind of glasses I need?

Do you find yourself entertaining in the summer? If your shore home is a gathering place for friends, family, and neighbors, you should anticipate the types of cocktails they typically drink. Beyond wine, Rolf Glass brings you limitless barware options so you can collect them all over the years. When you browse their offerings, take note of those popular patterns offered in multiple styles. For instance, you can order their school of fish glasses in wine, flute, goblet, tumbler, cordial, iced tea, and plenty of other designs. Their starfish collection even offers a matching coastal tumbler to aerate and serve a nice bottle of wine. Don’t forget to check out nautical and tropical symbol sets bearing stately anchors, ship wheels, palm trees, and beyond.

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