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Pole Garden Art Makes a Great Gift for Mom

May 5th, 2015 by admin

Finding that unique and memorable gift for Mom can be a struggle. You want to get something for her that she will truly enjoy, yet you’re not sure what exactly to get for her besides another bunch of flowers and a cheap card. Well, save the sappy card for next year. Or better yet, throw it out entirely. This year you can get her something truly inspiring to last her a lifetime. This year, consider pole garden art. Everyone enjoys sprucing up their outdoor area and thanks to garden pole art, Mom can add a huge splash of character to liven up any garden no matter the size or area. Stick a garden pole by the patio and plant a few flowers around the base or use several of them to create a mesmerizing garden path for that perfect backyard experience.


At Beach Decor Shop, we approach our pole garden art with determination to create something authentic and eye catching with each piece. Each of our pole garden art pieces is reproduced from a hand-painted and hand-etched design by a real artist bursting with passion to capture the beauty and nature of the earth. Each of the art pieces is then laminated onto a durable yet lightweight piece of PVC designed to prevent fading and weathering — meaning Mom can have a present that can provide enjoyment for years to come. Installation is easy as there’s no digging required and all necessary hardware is included. The hardest part will be deciding where best to place the pole garden art.

PG260 Zoey Ingram Pole Garden

So sure, you could get Mom another bouquet of flowers that wilt after a week and another dime store card she can put into a pile along with her others. But maybe this year, treat your Mom to something special and show her just how much you really appreciate her.

With pole garden art, you can provide Mom with unforgettable artwork to weather the test of time. After all, she’s worth it.







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