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Nautical Designer Rugs with Nautical Knots, Anchors

March 13th, 2015 by admin

Truly artful beach decor has a relaxed coastal feel. Sitting in the room of a yacht, houseboat, or beach house, visitors should feel strong inspirations of salty ocean breezes, lengths of sandy beaches, the tang of seasoned driftwood, and the distant call of  seabirds.

We offer inspiration in modern beach themes and nautical designs in all different size coastal rugs.  Our product line is distinctively unique, designed by artisans with an eye for a creative touch and useful decor. The addition of a well-made, nautically inspired hook rug or knot rug will tie all your beach decor together.

Nautical Rug Designer Spotlight


With all the reminders of the fun we enjoy at sea, this blue and white nautical pattern displays useful knots that seaworthy travelers must know, sailboats, lifesavers, and anchors. This rug can be had in two sizes “mate”,  22″ X 34″, or 5′ X 7′. This designer nautical rug with ships wheels, sailboats, life preservers, anchors and nautical theme is thoughtfully created in blue tones to match any nautical theme.

We stock the largest collection of nautical and beach styled rugs with many varieties and designs of floor art. Currently our shop is featuring some quality nautical rug designs that will wet your taste for the sea.   For example, the Sail Away Rug with its’ rich white sailboat sketches sail away on a deep blue background, a favorite contemporary rug of tufted polyester that make it so easy to clean!


Boat lovers will appreciate the bold design with a colorful theme of a traditional navy anchor and rope, circled in stars. This nautical rug is handmade in 100% wool with a cotton cloth backing. Perfect for your boat or beach house entryway, guests will be welcomed with a red, white & blue pattern. Rug measures 3′ X 3′.





If you know your sailboat knots you’ll find this rug to be a perfect design for your well-appointed nautical decor theme. Adorn your portal with a generous 34″ X 37″ size.

There are as many sailor’s knots as there are fish in the sea, but a good sailor practices just three incase he/she must work them quick, the cleat hitch, clove hitch, and the bowline will help with anything from making a fishing net, secure a docking, or hanging a hammock!


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