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Incredible Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Your Year Round Beach Home

July 29th, 2016 by JustinR

catBelieve it or not, many people call the shore home all year round—not just during the summer! But just because the surf, sand, and sun are part of your seafaring soul doesn’t mean you have to give up holidays throughout the fall and winter. In fact, Halloween can be an absolute treat if you live at the beach. There are tons of DIY decorating ideas for outfitting your coastal home in spooky, gory, cute—even elegant—style.

If you’re looking for some true artisanal treasures, you can find beautiful Halloween beach décor from a specialty shop. But for those of us on a budget, consider complementing your treasures with some fun pumpkin decorating ideas.

How do I go about decorating a pumpkin for my beach home?

punkinWe all know there are two ways to approach the classic orange squash: paint it or carve it. First, decide which strategy will unleash your inner artist without getting too messy or difficult for your liking. People who aren’t as artistically inclined tend to do better carving rather than painting the next pumpkin Picasso. Next, it’s time to select a general theme.

What’s a good idea for my shore house pumpkin project?

imageThose searching for a classy pumpkin display should stick to bold, solid ocean-inspired colors. For instance, a trio of white, blue, and sea foam green pumpkins will look absolutely stunning next to your Halloween front door mat. But if you’re going for a cute look for the kids, the silhouette of a friendly seahorse or turtle makes an easy sculpting project. Simply draw an outline of your favorite sea creature, carve per usual, and insert a candle for a gorgeous glow. You can even add easy decorative flair with some green, blue, or sand-colored paint to bring your charming friends to life. For a fun display, place your creation on a spider web table runner in your dining room.

What’s a scary Halloween pumpkin for a coastal theme?

Item19SJM1083AC86_jpgFinally, the last option isn’t for the faint of heart. To go for the shock factor, embrace today’s zombie craze with an “undead” fisherman or mermaid pumpkin. First, carve out a wide circular mouth for your creepy friend—but save the inner guts and seeds for later. Next, paint on eerie eyes, rotting, bloody features, and flush their skin a deadly white. Set the head on a display, and arrange the pumpkin’s innards as if they were spilling out of the beach zombie’s mouth. For the finishing touch, select your character: for a maritime ghoul, pop on an old fisherman’s hat, and for a mermaid, doll her up with a long, flowing wig. Set on top of a spine-chilling Halloween mantle cover, and guests will have nightmares for days.




Who said you couldn’t celebrate Halloween down the shore? Now you’re ready to make some incredible DIY coastal creations.

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