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How to Decorate this Holiday With Nautical Hook Pillows

September 1st, 2016 by JustinR

lablWhen shopping for shore décor, most of us automatically think of the hot, sunny summer months. We opt for light, airy materials, cool colors, and other signature seasonal elements. But what if you live at the beach year round?

If you’re planning on hosting family or friends at your coastal home this holiday season, don’t forget to shop for beach-appropriate Christmas decorations! A holiday down the shore is totally unique and special, so read on to learn about some easy upgrades you can make come December.

How can I decorate my beach home for the holidays?

octopus_holding_christmas_tree_pillow_l_Our shore homes are often decorated with maritime elements, and for good reason. But that doesn’t mean “nautical” can’t be festive! Transform your living room or family room into a warm, cozy party place with the help of some beach house hand hooked pillows. Before you choose the first red or green piece in sight, realize that specialty décor shops carry amazing holiday themed throws. A delightful octopus Christmas pillow brings a smile to every caroler’s face. The quality-handcrafted pillow features the cute sea creature clutching a Christmas tree and ornaments in his tentacles!

How can I decorate my beach house guest room for Christmas?

crabHand hooked pillows are endlessly durable and always bring that comfy feel to an otherwise stark place. To commemorate the holidays, don’t bother with special sheets or blankets in your bedroom quarters. Since you’ll only use your holiday themed items for a month out of the year, opt for easy versatility. For instance, toss a set of funny lobster Christmas pillows on the beds. The signature red crustacean wears mittens on his claws for a whimsical winter touch.

What’s a nautical decoration for this holiday season?

santa_anchor_pillow_l_For your living room rockers, sectional, or other lounge piece, stick with the maritime symbols you’ve always loved. A hand hooked pillow with anchor recalls the jolly red elf himself! There’s no need to go overboard with your Christmas décor. Just a classic anchor with Santa’s hat and a string of pretty colored lights does wonders anywhere in your nautical abode. You can rest assured this holiday season that no one else has these adorable hand hooked wonders!

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