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Decorating Your Beach Home This Fall With Nautical Lighting

August 25th, 2016 by JustinR

There are so many special things about the shore during fall. Not only do the throngs of tourists return to their faraway cities, but locals also get to stay and enjoy the crisp chill in the salty air and some seriously stunning sunsets.

But one byproduct of the sun going down earlier is that you need to consider lighting in your interior spaces. With the season’s changes in weather, family and guests will spend most of their nights inside, so you should make sure your décor is fit for year round use.

Here are some ideas for maintaining a nautical theme while decorating your beach home this fall.

How can I bring nautical lighting into my beach home?

Even if you have built-in lights, ceiling fans, and other integrated lighting, a lovely table lamp always adds an elegant touch to your space. For people who like to read magazines or books after dinner, they’ll also tell you that a lamp provides the perfect illumination and comfort.

For shore-inspired style, a woven bamboo lamp goes great both inside and outside. With neutral wooden hues and classic thatched design, you’ll bring a charming touch of the tropics to your home while still capturing the warm colors of fall.

What are some dining room chandeliers that fit year round?

A chandelier always makes a fabulous addition to your formal dining room or kitchen. During dark fall evenings, your home will be gorgeously aglow for all to admire. Instead of a typical design, go for a coastal chandelier with lighthouse motif, or for a smaller space, a sailfish pendant light.

Many nautical inspired chandeliers utilize neutral colors, so they’ll match your existing design scheme. Then, for an autumnal touch, choose a pretty brown, red, yellow, or pumpkin-colored tablecloth.

What are some fall lighting fixtures for my guest room?

To keep visitors’ quarters well lit and cozy through September and beyond, try a wicker table lamp for an easy upgrade. The rustic look is perfectly suited for the warmer design motifs of autumn.

For dependable navigation on the blackest of October nights, you can even outfit the hallway with a shell night light table lamp. A small coastal fixture provides a light glow that won’t overwhelm sleepy nighttime wanderers, making it perfect for fall.

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