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Create an Island Oasis in Your Bedroom

April 21st, 2015 by admin

One way that you can celebrate the arrival of summer is by giving your bedroom a summer redesign. A beach bedroom theme gives your bedroom a comfortable, relaxed setting that is can be your own special place of solace away from the daily chaos. You can bring a bit of beach style into your bedroom by simply incorporating some beach bedding. There are a lot of coastal bedding styles that will help you create your personal oasis.
The Imperial Coast Sea Turtle Bedding is a great example of how you can bring the beach into your home without the sand. This coastal themed quilt features some favorite ocean life in beach-inspired colors. Sea turtles are an ancient symbol of endurance, determination, strength, and longevity. The sea turtle bedding features these majestic creatures in light shades of aqua and green. Starfish, considered symbols of love, healing, and regeneration, float around the sea turtles in bright blue and white prints. Seahorses are symbols of patience, friendliness, and contentment. They swim along next to the sea turtles in a golden yellow and white print. This light, cotton quilt is the perfect summer addition to your beach bedroom.  Add a couple of bright throw pillows, Euro Shams, Dust Ruffle Bed Skirt, Shower Curtain, Beach Pillows to complete the look.

The following rug and coastal pillows also coordinate with the Meridian Waters Quilt coastal bedding.








It is amazing how beach bedspreads, quilts, and comforters can transform the feel of a room. So, pile on the pillows, turn on some sounds from the ocean, and light a tropical beach candle. Be transported to your own relaxing island where the waves wash away the stress of the day.






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