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Create a Soothing Escape With Beachy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

May 9th, 2017 by JustinR

Are you always on the hunt for unique beach bedroom decorating ideas? Whether your home is down the shore or far out in suburbia, there’s nothing like the quiet, calm serenity of an ocean-inspired space. If you want to transform your master or guest bedroom into the ideal “beach” abode, then check out these tips for decorating with quality coastal décor.

How can I make my room more relaxing?

If you want to unwind in peaceful but practical style, start by filling your space with gorgeous coastal furniture, such as beach chests and cabinets. Regardless of your existing bed frame, walls, or flooring, you can infuse that chic, spa-like feel by choosing traditional ocean colors. A pretty aqua bamboo drawer does just the trick, balancing utility with elegance. Once you’ve populated the room with rustic materials and washed-out antique colors, it will feel like you’re right on the sands of the Atlantic.

What kind of lighting goes great in a beach bedroom?

Overhead lighting provides the majority of illumination in a space, so that means you can opt for unique coastal floor lamps to suit your special style. In a quiet corner of the room, place a reading chair and ottoman. Toss a cozy blanket over top of it, then thoughtfully position a boat floor lamp behind your little nook. The piece comes with fully functional built-in shelves, a pretty sailboat lampshade, and of course—it’s shaped like a boat! You can’t get more “beachy” than that.

What are some options for beach bedroom artwork?

Perhaps you have all the furniture and accessories you need. Still, the ocean is on your mind. For a fast, easy upgrade, inspire instant seafaring sophistication with a piece of coastal wall art. Instead of a mirror or wreath, a stunning mermaid framed art will look lovely above a headboard or on a prominent wall. Its cool, tranquil colors and meticulous detail are an amazing match for any space.



How can I create the feel of a beach cottage?

It’s hard to put your finger on what exactly constitutes “beach” style. But this will make you feel it without even having to try. For your bedroom window treatments, resist the urge for blackout shades. Instead, embrace the summer sun with a set of delicate beach curtains, valances or tiers, depending on your need. A gentle breeze blowing through these magnificent pieces of white gossamer will whisk you right away to paradise.

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