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Beach House Hook Pillow Decorating Ideas

October 24th, 2014 by admin


The only thing better than having a house in the Hamptons, is having a beach house in the Hamptons. Every great beach house or a house decorated with a beach theme, becomes more inviting with hook pillows that have nautical designs. The same goes for Florida, California, the Gulf Coast of Texas, Hawaii, and anywhere where the decoration of the room has a delightful beach theme. Say ahoy matey! Then come into a wonderful room with all things reminiscent of the beach, ocean, and boating.



Beach House Hook Pillows

Hook PillowHook pillows are wonderfully fluffy. Each strand of long soft yarn stays in place by connecting to underlying supportive grid. Hook pillows have marvelous tapestry pictures, which include shellfish, starfish, coral reefs, nautilus, seashells, pineapples, anchors, buoys, squid, seahorses, happy beach dogs and so much more. It’s all about having a colorful reminder of that great time at the beach. They are artwork, with superb details and charming renditions of the subject.

Mix and match them with others in the colors of ocean blue, corral red, flamingo pink, antique rose, and floral patterns bursting with rainbow brilliance. Soft and charming, everyone who sees them will certainly notice them. When they touch them, the high-quality plush feeling is irresistible. They make a person want to snuggle up with the coastal pillows, like having a cuddly teddy bear.

Anyone who knows how to make latch hook pillows, realizes a lot of work goes into making them by hand. Of course, who has time for the many hours necessary to make these? Better to find a favorite design, from the many wonderful choices available, and let your guests assume you made them. The quality speaks for itself.

Hoist the mainsail, batten down the hatches, and all aboard for these wonderful, nautical, beach house hook pillows!

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