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Beach House Hook Pillows

After a long day of sand and surf, come home and lay your head on these nautically themed hook pillows. Cherish every moment of the day outside knowing that as you make your way back from the water, you will rinse the salt off your feet at the door, grab a cool drink, and settle in to the charm and whimsy of your lovingly decorated beach house. Sit down on the couch, put your feet up on the coffee table, and nestle in amongst these aquatic and maritime designs as you listen to the sound of the waves outside. Drift off to sleep and the delightful texture of these beautifully crafted hook pillows will assure your comfort, stacked around the bed during a good night of rest, or adorning the couch on a sunny afternoon's nap. No life jacket required when sailing this sea of dreams!

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Or bring the waves home to your everyday life! These nautical pillows make lovely accents to the family sofa where you can come back from the job and join your loved ones on a beach vacation every night. Lay them out in the children's room, transforming it into a place where the sun shines through ocean air and the seagulls soar into your children's dreams. Visitors are sure to smile at the thoughtful touch you impart on their stay when you fill the guest room with thoughts of the sea, gently lapping at the edge of their bed. Welcome friends and family by sharing your love of the beach and all its joys with a collection of coastal throw pillows.


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cute little rug as pictured
Leslie Derrig
Jun 22, 2017

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