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Every designer strives for authenticity. No matter how much money you spend or how long it takes to make the perfect piece of furniture, what’s important is the end result. When you live in a coastal home, this rule is no exception. Everyone wants to capture the quaint nautical feel of an old fisherman’s home. So when it comes time to decorate your vacation space, be sure to check out the stunning maritime décor reproductions in the Authentic Models collection. This premier brand of elegant coastal goods brings you gorgeous consoles, lockers, cabinets, trunks, bookshelves and other nautical furniture with that “authentic” nautical feel. Knowing you love to bring vintage charm throughout every corner of your home, the brand also offers delightful model ships and sailboats, globes, sundials, cars, and beyond. Each sculptural treasure provides a whimsical throwback to yesteryear, transforming your lake or seaside home into an exquisitely beautiful time machine. Whether it’s a vintage stateroom trunk in your reading room, or a model Atlas on your nightstand, Authentic Models has just the piece for you.

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Want to create a cool, interesting theme in your home wine bar or man cave? If you love to gather around for a few cocktails in the evening, why not take guests on a coastal adventure? Pick up a couple of conversation starters from the Authentic Models collection. Imagine pouring drinks as friends and family discuss your breathtaking model yacht displayed proudly on a cocktail table. Over in the corner, your authentic stateroom bar holds a vast collection of aged spirits and wines—a focal point people can’t help but admire. Across the room, a picturesque little globe adds fun décor to your shore windowsill, while a hanging mobile blows gently in the breeze. And finally, a Cape Cod style console holds all your favorite board games and accessories—including your new chess game from Authentic Models. The group enjoys a few laughs amidst your awe-inspiring nautical treasures. They’ll think they’re centuries old, but tell them the truth—these are quality home furnishings designed to look straight from the old-world Eastern seaboard!


Sea Shells  Coasters
This was sent as a gift, so I did not actually see the product. The recipient was very happy with the coasters. The only thing I was disappointed in was the length of time it took for the gift to arrive. It took over two weeks for my friend to receive them due to the fact they were being made somewhere else and shipped after manufacturing them. This was not adequately explained on the website during the ordering process as I thought an express shipping option was available.
Craig Aebli
Sep 2, 2014

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