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Decorative Animal Shaped Fans

Summer weather is probably your favorite. You enjoy getting outside to enjoy some sun. Perhaps, you even sit out by the pool reading a book or listening to the game on the radio. The only problem is that hot weather is, well, hot. It is no fun baking in the sun or smothering in the humidity. What you need is a little cool breeze every now and then. But, the heat proves unrelenting.This paradox, where the thing you love is also the thing you hate has an easy solution. You can enjoy your time in the sun without suffering under the stifling heat. Just take a decorative, stylish beach fan outside with you.

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Parrot Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Whimsical and practical. Good conversation piece. Parrot is realistic looking and structure is sturdy.
Mrs. Jody Losch
Jan 4, 2014

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