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What is a perfect accessory for a nautical themed room? The kind of accent that is even more fun when some visitors don’t notice the details until they’ve been there for a while, then happen to notice? A chandelier with a nautical theme can be the perfect piece to bring a room together, whether for a beach near the ocean, by a large lake, or just in your own mind. There are many kinds of fixtures that bring a lot of theme and some whimsy to a room for the person who loves the sea, loves to go fishing, or just loves the idea of spending time walking along or laying out on the beach somewhere.

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Imagine, having several friends over, and no one looks up at first, but they complement you for your subtle blue walls that remind everyone of the ocean or of the lake, or whatever body of water you enjoy visiting.  Then, your friend looks up and perhaps they see a heron sitting on a light sconce, or a parrot, or even a pineapple.  There are many different styles of nautical chandeliers with many different color schemes to look at and to fit even the most subtle nautical theme, or there are chandeliers that go with any overt homage to the ocean.

Nautical chandeliers will show friends and family your love for nature and for the ocean or any large body of water.  Just like the name says, Beach Décor Shop has whatever you need to satisfy your decorating needs, wants, and desires.

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Captiva Table Lamp
I love this lamp! It is very high quality and well worth the price. I have been to the island of Captiva several times and this lamp will be a very sentimental addition to my home. The best sea shells in the world are on Captiva and Sanibel Islands!
Ms. anita carver
Jul 31, 2014

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