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Coastal-themed cabinets and chest-of-drawers

Whether you finally bought your dream beach house and are preparing to overhaul its interior design, or decided to give a nautical theme to a room in your full-time home, you'll find everything you need to decorate with the sea in mind at Beach Decor Shop.

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Our coastal-themed chest-of-drawers, bookcases and cabinets, for instance, make the perfect decorating foundation to any coastal-inspired room. Choose from among seashell- or ship anchor-emblazoned pieces, such as end tables, cabinets and cupboards, or items made of driftwood or bamboo for a more tropical beach look.

Consider buying storage trunks that resemble treasure chests, or captains' chests, bookcases in the shape of rowboats or weathered pieces of all kinds that evoke the salt air of the seaside. Many of our cabinets and furniture come in the faded, pastel colors that characterize decor along coastlines the world over. However, you can find a variety of colors, from cool blues and greens to warm burnt oranges and reds, to match your tastes or existing decor.

We stock our inventory with various room and house sizes in mind, which means you can find everything from a small, three-shelf bookcase to a larger, deep, five-drawer dresser.

Once you have decked out your room or house with larger pieces, browse our inventory for finer touches, including mirrors and wall decor, bedding, bath and kitchen decor, nautical lighting and beach art. We also carry a large line of beachy gifts to help you find the perfect items for your friends and family who love the coastal life.


Sea Shells  Coasters
This was sent as a gift, so I did not actually see the product. The recipient was very happy with the coasters. The only thing I was disappointed in was the length of time it took for the gift to arrive. It took over two weeks for my friend to receive them due to the fact they were being made somewhere else and shipped after manufacturing them. This was not adequately explained on the website during the ordering process as I thought an express shipping option was available.
Craig Aebli
Sep 2, 2014